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UC Browser is an excellent solution for your Android that makes mobile browsing as effective and pleasant as it can possibly be. Its vast functional benefits enable the searching, downloading, and sharing at amazingly fast speed!

Top Features
► Automatic Tab Management – Handy gesture control that simplifies tab management
► Bright Yet Clear UI – Fresh look and design of the navigation page and dead-simple settings
► Incognito Mode – Protected browsing to let you stay private
► Night Browsing – Night mode switcher that makes reading at night more comfortable
► Smart Download – Multiplex background and cloud downloading support with automatic reconnection.
► Gesture Control for Videos – Easy-to-use gesture control for volume, scrolling, brightness, etc.
► Themes Customization – You can choose themes at the UC Theme Center or customize your own picture for the browser
★★★★★ UC Browser for Android has an outstanding performance. It’s a top-notch browser with fascinating and highly productive features unlike in any other mobile browser. High speed, dynamic download, amazing visuals with clear navigation, auto pager, and more that really excite users. This, so far, is the best app for mobile browsing. – Moboappsfree.com

UC Browser

UC Browser



Editors' Note: Editors' Note: To download the application, click on “Download from from mobo market”, “Get it on Google Play” or “Available on the App Store”. Clicking on the button will direct you to Mobo Market, Android Market or iTunes App Store accordingly. You need to have iTunes installed and an active iTunes account in order to download the iOS app. To download the Android app, make sure you have Google Play installed on your phone. Please note that this download may not be available in some countries.

Read the instructions about the installing and removing the app here

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