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Do you want to capture the perfect images of your life? Stick them out – place your photographs on TOP of the world! With the Retrica app, your experience in taking photos will become something really unforgettable. It’s up to you to decide whether to take marvelous pictures of your vacation time or let’s say a sports event you visited with your friends. Using the live filters of Retrica, you are able to see all your shots in preview before you actually take the photos.

Note that ultrafashionable logos are already included to Retrica so that you can make your photos look really outstanding. And with over a hundred of different filters, you’ll definitely have enough opportunities for editing your photos.

There nearly more than 100 million photos taken every day by people using the Retrica app. According to the review published in The Guardian, it is one of “20 best Android apps this week.” Have the Retrica app downloaded today, and make sure that this is really so.

Take advantage of the following great features as soon as you download Retrica:

Unlimited choice of opportunities: All your best moments of your life can be chased on your memory with over 100 filters.

Filters in real-time: Use the photos’ preview before you take them.

Watermark: You can add the watermark logos of Retrica if you like, so that your friends can know how enjoyable it is to use the Retrica app!

Collage option: You can adjust the time interval for taking photos, taking a series of them with the help of the collage option – just the same way it is done in photo booths. Have a great time with your friends when taking the funny collage photos.

Blur option: With it, you can place your subjects either in or out of focus.

Vignette option: You can add a fashionable vignette border to your photos in one click.

Timer: you don’t necessarily have to take the photos yourself – set the time, choose the interval, and the rest is just paperwork.

Social network sharing: Add more of your photos to the favorite social networks you are signed up for – keep staying on everyone’s lips.





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Read the instructions about the installing and removing the app here

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