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Private Photo Vault app keeps all of your private photos and videos hidden safely behind a password.

If you have some photos or videos you want to hide from other eyes the app is exactly for you. You can hide all private pictures and videos securely with Private Photo Vault.

Your photos and videos will be kept safe as anyone will be asked to enter a password before accessing them. You can set up a password either to the entire application or to individual photo albums (double layer password security). All selected pics and videos will be securely protected and hidden from possible intruders. What is even more, Private Photo Vault is hidden from your recently used apps list.


Fulfill these simple steps to lock your private photos and videos:
1) Setup account and make up a new pin
2) Open the first photo album created for you by default
3) Tap the plus button to choose the photos. These photos will be taken off from you gallery and locked into Private Photo Vault.
4) Now you have a private photo gallery that can be viewed only by yourself.

You will be able to see anyone who may be trying to snoop on your personal shots as the break-in report will secretly take a shot in case someone is trying to enter a wrong password. In this situation device’s current GPS location will also be recorded.

You can give a decoy password to nosy persons striving to see your private photos. They will get access to a totally different set of photos and lose their curiosity, while your pictures will be kept safe in your main vault account.

With this app you will be able to create Secret Photo Albums directly in the App, import or export from normal gallery, e-mail photos, custom album covers.

The app has features of a fully functioning image gallery with zooming, rotation, and panning and photo Slideshow

You can import and export videos from normal gallery and watch them within the app.




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Read the instructions about the installing and removing the app here

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