Laser Pointer Simulated
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This app simulates a laser pointer. Keep in mind that this is not a real laser point, just a laser simulator. The app merely simulates a laser pointer on the screen of your Android device.


The app consists of several parts: the laser pointer simulator, the bubble shooter game and the virtual shop.

Laser Simulator:
At the beginning only one laser pointer is unlocked, and you must unlock other laser pointers simulators. Each laser pointer differs in colours and sounds associated. The colours are following: orange pointer with green light, blue pointer and red light, green laser pointer with purple light and the purple one and blue light. Also it is possible to unlock the strobe flash light, you can turn a flashing light together with any laser pointer simulator. The strobe light can also be turned off, as well as for laser sounds and vibration. Please keep this in mind that usage of all features may influence the battery life of your device. The lasers which are locked are marked by a lock. If you click on it you will be shown instructions and options in a form of a dialogue. To unlock the laser and the strobe light you need to collect coins. To do this you can play the bubble shooter game, watch videos or share on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus).

The bubble shooter game:
You gain coins when you play the bubble shooter game. In the basis of the game lies redesigned the famous bubble shooter game. It fits with overall game theme. The game is simple to play and exciting. You collect a coin on completing a level. There are 540 levels in the bubble game. The difficulty increases with each level. It is easy to pass the first level, but then you need to master your skills to succeed in more complicated levels. Colour-blind people can play this game too as each bubble is distinguished by an identifying symbol.

The virtual shop:
You can also get coins in the virtual shop, its icon appears in on several app screens and is displayed as free coins emblem. There are such options to gain coins in the virtual shop: watching videos or sharing on social networks. Watching videos is unlimited, while sharing on social networks is rewarded once per social network.

Implementation of a led light and a strobe light button to the main screen menu has been set up to make the application more useful and easy to use.





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Read the instructions about the installing and removing the app here

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