Help Guide | Download, install or uninstall apps

Buying the app & installation

You are free to install any kind of the digital product right from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store or MoboMarket just using your mobile device. Whether it is an app, game or other content, it is easy to download for free or buy it.

The process of buying and installing from Google Play Store or iTunes App Store

Go to the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store, depending on your device, and create your personal account.
– Select the item
– Tap on the price or “Install” button (depends if it is free or not)
– Follow the steps appearing on your screen

Installation process from MoboMarket

If you want to download some application presented on our site, press Install button. The MoboMarket.apk file will be downloaded to your device. As soon as the download is completed you will be asked to confirm that you agree to install Mobo Market application.
– Press “Install” button.
– When the installation process is finished tap “Open”
– Now you can choose the desired application and download it from Mobo Market

Removal of the Android applications

You can uninstall the downloaded application at any time. The paid application can be reinstalled after removal.
Follow the steps to uninstall the application from your device
– Open the “Settings” and find “Apps” or “Application manager”, open the menu
–  Choose the app you want to remove
–  Tap “Uninstall”.
If you didn’t find the “Uninstall” button or your device shows the “Uninstall updates” option, the app cannot be removed instantly.

How the Uninstall function works

– Go to the Google Play Store main page.
– Choose the “Menu” icon and then find “My Apps” folder.
– Choose an application you need to remove and tap “Uninstall”.

How to remove a downloaded iOS application

Sometimes you just can’t remove some of the selected apps.
Important: Check if you are able to download an item again. If you can’t, do an application backup.
Please note, that after you have deleted the app it is still possible to download it again from the iCloud just by clicking the “Download” icon next to the item. You can also hide the available items showed in iCloud or buy them via Mac application Store.
Choose the section according to your device (iPad, iPod touch or iPhone)
Choose and hold on application you want to delete
You’ll see that application is jiggling
Press the “X” – deletion is done.


How to uninstall downloaded applications from MoboMarket.

It is possible to uninstall the Mobo Market and downloaded applications from your device via the settings menu on your device:
– Go to the “Settings” menu on your device, and then tap either “Apps” or “Application manager” depending on the device you use.
– Tap the application that needs to be uninstalled.
– Tap “Uninstall”.