Children’s Learning Games
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It will be a very useful application for all children under 6 years old and their parents. With it, your child will develop new skills without any problems and on the fly. Moreover, it’ll be an enjoyable time for them! Stop searching for the app that would combine the useful with the pleasing for you and your children – it’s right here at hand!
Do you want to teach your child ABC tricks? Select the game marked “Learn the Letters” and it will become your helping hand in teaching your child ABC.
Note that the app won’t take much of your time. Just show your child or children how to play the “Learn the Letters” game and you’ll be amazed at how fast they master all the letters.
If you then need to teach your son or daughter how to count, the “Learn the Numbers” game will be at your service. It’s a brilliant game that will help your children learn the basics of “1 to 0” numbers and counting while playing. What would you need more? All children of 1 to 4 years old will like it! Launch the “Learn the Numbers” game and then just follow your child’s first successful steps in counting!
All the children just love the pictures in books. That’s why they will absolutely like the “Picture Book” game. It will train the abstract thinking of your child develop his or her fundamental analytical skills. And the best thing about this game is that it works equally good with different children’s ages. That means if your child is 1 or 2 years old, he or she will learn how to recognize various objects of the world around visually. If your children are a bit older, the won’t only recognize the things, but also know how to spell their names. Just launch it, it’s a captivating experience!
Select the “Spelling Bee” game if the time has come for your child to be taught spelling. Spelling can be much fun for your children and less time spent for you with this wonderful game!
Finally, if you need to teach your children how to read the time on a clock, select the “What’s The Time?” game. Be sure that it will teach your child how read the clock in no time. It will be a pleasant surprise for you to see how fast your child is developing new useful life skills.
So, do you want to start immediately? Download the application right now and learn what other bonuses it has got in stock for you and your children!

Children's Learning Games

Children's Learning Games





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          1. I homeschool my kids, ages 3 and 5 and this is the best way I found to teach them about time. Guys love playing this game and they learn a bunch. Highly recommend!

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